The Rules

1) Making others feel comfortable and at ease is the essence of etiquette. 

2) "Please" and "thank you" are still two of the best things you can utter. 

3) Good moods are contagious. Make sure yours is always pleasant to catch. 

4) Be both aware and mindful of other people's physical, visual, and aural personal space.

5) Respect is a gift that costs nothing. It is always appreciated, and is such a joy when it is reciprocated. 

6) Be conscious of the tone of your voice. It speaks volumes. 

7) A short fuse does nothing but burn yourself and others. Should you find yourself with one, it is best to take a moment and steer clear of others until it passes. 

8) Poise and posture equal confidence and composure.

9) Practice and preserve reading books. Aside from being the crux of intellectual development, you will not regret being able to see the world you know in different prisms.

10) Aesthetically appealing and appropriate attire is not only respectful, it is also refreshing. 

11) Don't dumb yourself down for text language. Keep your grammar, spelling, and syntax intact while typing in your smartphone. It's "before" not "B4" because you speak English, not BINGO. 

12) Nothing demonstrates the value of your skills more than putting them to good use for a cause you believe in. Always be ready to serve.  

13) Laugh a lot. Have more fun than it makes sense for you to be having. 

14) When you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, that is the best time to shut up and squat. Cure stress with exercise. 

15) Stick to your standards. Once you've tasted caviar, how do you ever go back to sardines?

16) Prioritize friendships with people who genuinely care about you, not because it is expected of them socially, but because they want to show how much your company means to them. 

17) Don't be afraid to admit and accept the fact that we all need someone who won't give up on us. 

18) Forgive yourself. Moments of weakness do not make you fundamentally weak, only fundamentally human. Sometimes we're not effusively happy, and that's okay. 

19) When you find yourself in a sticky situation, being morally bankrupt is never the answer.

20) Risk your cliches. 

21) Strive to be the paradigm of the goodness that you seek. 

22) Savor life's little pleasures. Indulge in your passions.

23) Your principles only mean something if you stand by them even when it is inconvenient. 

24) Stress kills you slowly, silently, albeit surely. Never let it win. 

25) Boycott ALL white socks. 

26) If you don't know what you would do without someone, do not give them a reason to let you find out.    

27) Let common sense be your guide and graciousness your goal. 

28) Being afraid of things going wrong isn't the way to make things go right. 

29) Listen to your body, drink water like a fish, and never let Google diagnose you. 


The Meditations

Self-liberation is not about banishing the ego, but rather, integrating it.
Constantly update your preferences.
What do I want to be known for next year, and for years after that? 
Think like a legend.
Joy is the most magnetic force in the world. Let it rise to your surface. Fall into it.
Trust and logic can coexist.
Express your admiration.
What emotional and intellectual currency do I deal in? 
False modesty is bad PR.
Lack of passion is fatal.
Claim your space in the universe.
If it feels like a horrible sacrifice, reconsider.
Examine what you tolerate.
What am I teaching the world? What is it teaching me? 
Curiosity and sensation are exponentially more effective than playing it safe.
Broadcast your essence.
Love love.
The universe works on supply and demand; it's all ours for the giving and taking.
Renounce your glory days; focus forward.
What have I forsaken?
You can be deeply certain and slightly doubtful, scared and really ready.
STRIKE "obligation" INSERT "choice"
If you have to demand it, is it really worth fighting for?
Conclusions are lethal. 
What time is it in my life? 
The enthusiastic are the new elite.
What am I most excited about? 
Who reminds me of who I am? 
Inner attunement + outer attainment
Leverage your insatiability. Leverage your contradictions.
When do I feel at my best? 
Plan for velocity.
Crush your gimmicks.
What do others thank you for most often? 
Passionately protest mediocrity.
Mount your mission.
Persuade your inhibitions.