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Possess A Second Soul: Lost In Translation by Ella Sanders

Ella Frances Sanders, and her new book,  Lost In Translation

Ella Frances Sanders, and her new book, Lost In Translation

Charlemagne, pater Europae, once said, “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” One of my life goals is to become a polyglot. I am so in love with languages. I studied Italian in a summer immersion curriculum at my alma mater, George Mason University, in 2009; however, up to this day five years later, I still devote 15 minutes of my morning to Italian grammar workbooks and online exercises.

Let’s admit it, although it is fun to creep and eavesdrop on conversations in another language to test your context clues and comprehension skills, learning another language equates to a fresh new take on expression and articulation. The more you explore, the more you realize that there are certain emotions and phenomena that manifest themselves particularly well in a particular language.

I chanced upon Ella Frances Sanders and her fascinating new book, Lost In Translation, when it was on the list of my Amazon recommendations. The book began with one simple blog post, and morphed into a final product that Ella calls "beautiful, manic, incredibly interesting...actually, I might need to write another book to explain the process of making this one." Over the course of three months, she put together a list of words that simply can only be said one way, accompanied by beautiful illustrations you almost want to rip out and hang on your wall (which would be totally blasphemous to do to this endearing little tome). Have a look. Buy the book. Be inspired to learn a new language. Pursue it passionately. 

Learn More about the Author, Ella Frances Sanders

Ella Frances Sanders is a writer and illustrator who intentionally lives all over the place, most recently Morocco, the UK, and Switzerland.

She worked with the Techstars-backed company Maptia for most of 2013, illustrating their vision and helping to shape their storytelling community.

At the moment her work constitutes writing things, drawing things and over-thinking mostly everything to do with anything. If you keep your eyes open, there shall be a book (with real paper pages) published in late 2014 with her name on it; more information about this project can be found on the books page, obviously.

She is not afraid of questions, or bears.

Ella's work for Maptia: